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Jewish in the Bi-Co, 04-05/2021

A series of 25 studio portraits taken of Jewish students in the Bi-College consortium of Bryn Mawr and Haverford colleges using 35 mm color film. The sitters were encouraged to wear what make them feel the most "Jewish." The complete series, with accompanying blurbs for each was displayed in an exhibition on campus. 

Pandemic Passover, 04/2021

A photographic exploration of the aesthetics of the Jewish holiday Passover on a college campus during a pandemic


The Covid-19 Campus Experience

For the final project of an art history class, I photographed, edited, curated and designed an online exhibition of campus life during the pandemic, focusing specifically on living in a dorm room.

Disaster Picnic, 05/2020

A set of still lives created for a Digital Photography class altering captured images in Adobe Photoshop. This series aims to interrogate the aesthetics of garbage and the omnipresence of food waste. It hopes to aestheticize what is considered the abject.

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